Narrated & Explainer AI Video Creation 

We bring your message to life through stunning AI assisted computer-generated videos, and we do it in any language - not just English. Blending innovation with versatility, we offer a unique option that allows you to incorporate your own images and video clips, ensuring each creation is as unique as your needs.

About Us

D. G. H. Services is a Business Management and Consulting Company serving the British and United States Virgin Islands. Our Artificial Intelligence Services Division creates rapid, low cost videos for broadcast commercials, websites, waiting room, training material, and more. We bring your message to life through stunning computer-generated videos. Whether you're educating, explaining, or entertaining, our tailor-made videos are designed to captivate your audience. Blending innovation with versatility, we offer a unique option that allows you to incorporate your own images and video clips, ensuring each creation is as unique as your needs.  

  • Created for websites, waiting room, training
  • Use your images and video clips
  • Get a new custom-tailored videos every week

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A Simple Price Plan

Our pricing is as straightforward as our videos are compelling. Rates are based on video length, with tiers starting as low as $1.00 per second. For longer narratives or detailed explanations, we provide custom quotes, ensuring you get exactly what you need without any surprises. Plus, our unique subscription service offers weekly one-minute videos at an affordable monthly rate, keeping your content fresh and engaging. Producing the same video in one additional languages will cost you nothing. For a third or more additional languages, each will be produced at a 50% discount. Here are some reasons why you should use our videos:

Cost-effectiveness - Creating high-quality video content can be expensive, especially if you need to hire professional actors, crew,          and equipment. With these AI-generated videos, the cost is significantly lower because we do most of the work for you.

Speed - Traditional video production can take weeks or even months from conceptualization to completion. With AI-generated                     content, we can create a complete video in just a few hours, making it ideal for time-sensitive projects or last-minute marketing                 campaigns, announcements, or events.

Customizability - Our AI generated videos allows for endless customization options when creating videos. You can choose from                   various styles, templates, and even get the tone of voice that is used by the narrator to match your brand's personality.

Personalization - Our AI generated videos allow you to personalize your video content based on your target audience's interests                and preferences, ensuring that your message resonates with them effectively.

Versatility - Our AI-generated videos can be used for various purposes beyond just advertising or marketing, such as employee                   training, customer support, and even for internal communication within your organization.

Social Platforms Engagements - Promotion of products or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Information Dissemination - Raising awareness for a cause or event.

Educational Purposes - Online or offline courses, tutorials, and instruction for students, workers, or clients.

Real Estate Agents and Owners - Showcase and highlight properties and their features.

Restaurant Owners and Managers - Share menu items, specials, or behind-the-scenes glimpses into the kitchen.

Our videos are computer-generated. However, customers have the option of supplying their own images and/or video clips to be used in the background or foreground. If the customers do not provide the images or video clips, we will generate or supply appropriate images and/or video clips that will run in the background or foreground. The videos are priced at 15-second intervals and there are different rate tiers. The price tiers are from 1 to 180 seconds ($1.00 per second); from 181 to 360 seconds ($1.25 per second); from 361 to 540 seconds ($1.50 per second); from 541 to 720 ($1.75 per second); and from 721 to 900 seconds ($2.00 per second). The time tiers are in three-minute intervals up to fifteen minutes. For longer videos, a custom quote will be provided. 

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Subscribe for
Exclusive Content

In addition to the above, we offer a video subscription service plan. Under the service plan, we will supply a brand-new one-minute video each week to the customers, on any subject matter or content of their choosing. For example, the video could be about a product or service, a policy announcement, the latest development in a field, an emergency situation, or any other announcement, explanation, or narration. The video subject matter can vary weekly if desired. The cost of this service is a $100 registration fee, and $150 monthly subscription fee. A one-year commitment is required. Customers will be provided a customer portal where their videos will be posted, and from which their videos can be downloaded.

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Sample Videos

D. G. H. Artificial Intelligence Services
D. G. H. Artificial Intelligence Video Services
A video about the services that we provide here at D. G. H. Artificial Intelligence Video Services.

POSH Events & Party Services
POSH Events & Party Services Advertisement

An Advertising Video for POSH Events and Party Services.

Nicky's Insurance Agency
Nicky's Insurance Agency Advertisement

Ans Advertisement Video for Nicky's Insurance Agency.

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